Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems

Test Benches

The laboratory for photovoltaic systems is active in the research field of long-term measurement, quality assurance of PV systems and testing of PV inverters.

Long-term Measurements

Ploting data of long-term measurements from individual test benches.
E.g Power of a photovoltaic module over 24 hours.

Monitoring and Logging

Incident Angle Modifier (IAM) and reflections. With MUSCLE you can easily start your measurement and download the data later on.


Emulation of PV modules or strings with multiple power supplies over simulation interfaces. Controlled and monitored over a tablet with MUSCLE.

In Action

This is an example of MUSCLE for measuring the incident angles and reflections of a photovoltaic module.


Prof. Dr. Christof Bucher

Head of PV Laboratory

Matthias Burri

Head of Research Group PV Systems

David Joss

Head of Research Group PV Converters

Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems